Is MotoGP unkind to Alex Marquez?

Álex Márquez is one of today’s promising riders in Moto2, but still does not
reach MotoGP in 2019, opting to remain in the intermediate category. The
current Marc VDS rider, Marc Márquez’s brother, was one of the Petronas
Sepang Yamaha candidates but he was not the one elected and Yamaha
director Lin Jarvis came to talk about it.

In an interview with Marca newspaper, the official confirmed that # 73 was a
chance for the Yamaha satellite team: ‘Many riders want to go with a Yamaha.
We had 10 riders. Alex was one of them, but there are many candidates who,
perhaps, are faster or younger. He is a good rider but why would we choose
Álex Márquez in particular? We had to choose.’

L to R : Álex Márquez , Marc Márquez

On the other hand, Jarvis explained that being a brother of Marc Márquez
does not benefit Álex even if he wants to go to Yamaha or if he wants to go to
Ducati in MotoGP:
– Well, everyone says what they think. The point is that when you have
multiple options, you look at the positive and negative aspects of each
candidate. If Álex Márquez were the possible candidate to be the future
MotoGP world champion it would be another story. But if he is one of the best
riders, sooner or later he will go to MotoGP. There are six or seven
candidates. In my opinion, being Marc’s brother is not always an advantage
for him because Marc is our number one opponent. So if we sign Alex, Alex
has a complete vision of Yamaha. That is a fact. Would that be good or bad
for us? I would say not very good. In this case, this is not good for Alex if he
wants to go to Yamaha or, perhaps, to Ducati. It is not good to be the brother
of the number one rival in a factory. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is.

The article first appeared in Moto Matters, Fast Bikes India – October 2018

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