Making the Jawa Book

When Classic Legends announced that they were bringing Jawa back to life in India, not many believed them. Not many could also fathom that a Jawa could be relevant in today’s day and age. All that is water under the bridge because Jawa is back and how! Classic style melds with modern form, the same legacy of good handling and decent pleasing performance aided by Indian ingenuity coupled to Italian flair rounds off the born again Jawa.

This book though is not just about the new age Jawa but about the strong legacy and heritage of Ideal Jawa and Yezdi in India, the men who built the bikes, the men and women who raced the bikes, the men who rode them all over the world, the men and women who kept the legend alive, it is all about them and some more. This is also the story of the early age of Indian motorcycling told in uninimitated manner, something that is at the core of the new classy legend.

Given the fact that Jawa in its homeland is a pale shadow of its former self, the new age Jawas from Classic Legends represent an all-new wave of neo retros expected from this brand in what surely is the largest bike market in the world, as well as the most vibrant.

This book is about an Indian success story born of Czech parentage and now giving back to its original lineage and more. New value minted for what essentially stays the same: Jawa – the Forever Bike.

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