Hey Mercedes!

#AdilsAutoZone “Hey Mercedes” is going to be more polite, more active, more efficient & more intuitive as the connected car digital interface goes up several notches thanks to the My MBUX digital user experience developed by Mercedes-Benz R&D India for the next generation S-class due out later in the year. 

OLED tech; 3D driver display (without specialised glass wear); fingerprint, face and voice recognition; gesture control plus a whole raft of digital gizmos add tonnes of tech that might just overwhelm the subconscious but actually go a long way towards pampering the senses!

Perhaps the most important attribute of the entire MBUX shebang has to be the fact that the voice assistant listens even more carefully and also understands phonetics for no less than 27 languages!

This is just the start of what is in the realm of capability not just for the Mighty S but from there on it is the natural top down tech drip that will appear in the E- & C-class cars plus also other performance oriented ones replete with character attuned to the class of vehicle it is assisting its pilot!

Did I hear you say, “Beam me up Scotty”? Be careful with your words for it might just do that!

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